GPS Instrumentation LTD

Distributors of Titration Equipment, Refractometers and Density Meters

GPS Instrumentation Ltd is the exclusive distributor of density meters, refractometers, titration equipment and other measuring products for Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing (KEM) in the UK and Ireland. The management at GPS Instrumentation have been firmly involved with KEM over the last 20 years with proven experience in the fields of refractive index and density measurement, titration and determination of alcohol in beverages.

We specialise in applications for Brewing and Distilling, Food, Oil and Petrochemical, Fragrance and Flavours industries.  If you have any questions related to our refractometers, density meters, titration equipment or any other of our innovative products then please don't hesitate to contact GPS Instrumentation Ltd.




GPS Instrumentation Ltd 2 Willow Glade, Clifford, West Yorkshire, LS23 6ST, United Kingdom | Tel: 01937 841270 | Email: sales (at)

Company History

GPS Instrumentation Ltd. was set up in November 2006 to be the exclusive distributor of refractometers, density meters, titrators and measuring products for Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing (KEM) in the UK and Ireland.

GPS specialises in quailty control applications for the following industries:

  • brewing and distilling
  • food
  • oil and petrochemical
  • fragrance and flavours

We now offer instruments, which are fully GLP compliant including FDA 21 CFR part 11, where appropriate. Full IQ/OQ qualification is offered for applications in the pharmaceutical and bioscience industries.

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