Moisture Analyser MS-70

Moisture Analyser MS-70
Moisture Analyser MS-70

Extremely fast and highly accurate moisture content determinations: A powerful halogen lamp equipped with A&D's innovative Secondary Radiation Assist (SRA) filter provides fast and uniform heating , an advanced heat protection mechanism for the weigh cell ensures high accuracy and repeatability: With the MS-70 Moisture Analyser even challenging samples like low moisture content plastics can conveniently being analysed with an excellent repeatability.

Ideal for low moisture contents
Thanks to its high resolution of 0.0001g , the MS-70 Moisture Analyser is ideally suited for quick and accurate moisture content determinations of samples with a low water content such as Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Pellets or Aluminium Oxide. Side-by-side comparisons with the Karl Fischer method reveal the MS-70 gives in many cases comparable results in much less time.

Powerful flexibility
Four different operation modes, five display modes and the possibility to program up to 100 different sample testing parameters gives the MS-70 Moisture balance powerful flexibility.


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Automatic determination of the ideal measuring conditions

The MS-70 Moisture Analyzer comes with the WinCT–Moisture software . This software provides bidirectional data collection and can display graphs time vs. moisture. Several graphs can be overlayed, the data can be exported to a spreadsheet program like MS EXCEL.
The WinCT-Moisture software is at the same time a very efficient tool to automatically determine the optimum temperature and time for quick and accurate analysis for a certain type of sample. No more tedious and time consuming try and error experiments to determine the optimum measuring conditions: In just one 30 minutes run, the optimum Temperature Search (OTS) function of the software can automatically determine the ideal time and temperature for a certain type of sample. This is possible because the OTS can distinguish between the desired drying and the undesirable burning of the sample.

WinCT-Moisture Software for the MS-70 Noisture Balance
WinCT–Moisture software 1/2
WinCT–Moisture software 2/2

Superior analytical performance – less costs

ast heating to 200°C in only 2 minutes, uniform heating thanks to SRA technology, high resolution and excellent repeatability, a safe and easy handling thanks to a ergonomically designed pan handle, an user replaceable halogen lamp with a life of 5000 hours plus a 5 years warranty: Add it all up and the A&D MS-70 certainly offers an outstanding cost-performance-ratio.

Ergonomic Pan of the MS-70 Moisture Analyser
MS-70 Moisture Analyser: Safe and easy handling thanks to a ergonomically designed pan handle
MS-70 Moisture Analyser: User replaceable halogen lamp with a life of 5000 hours

Technical Specifications

Measurement Method 400 W straight halogen lamp heating system
with SRA filter and SHS weighing technology
Maximum sample weight capacity 71 g
Min. display Moisture content 0.001%/0.01%/0.1%
Weight 0.0001 g
(Standard deviation)  
Moisture content
(over 1 g)
Moisture content
(over 5 g) 
Weight 0.0005 g
 Drying temperature  30 to 200 C°
 Measurement units  Wet base / Dry base / Dry content / Ratio / Weight
 Sample pan size   Ø85 mm



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