Heat Stroke Prevention Meter WBGT-113

Portable Heat Stroke Prevention Meter WBGT-113
Portable Heat Stroke Prevention Meter WBGT-113

The WBGT-113 is a portable, easy to use and light weight instrument to monitor heat conditions to prevent heat strokes  in working environments. It provides temperature, relative humidity, and globe temperature using Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) index.  Many public institutions like the Japan Society for Occupational Health and the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists recommend the monitoring of the WBGT to prevent heat strokes.

Quick and simple operation
The WBGT index is displayed as soon as the instrument is turned on.

Lightweight and compact
Ideal for use on location/training sites.

Displays temperature, relative humidity and Wet Bulb Globe Temperature.

Dry operation – no water required.

Technical Specifications

Type and model name WBGT-115 Heat Stroke Prevention Meter  
Measuring ranges WBGT (Wet Bulb Globe Temperature)
Relative humidity
Globe temperature
0 … 50 °C
0 … 50 °C
10 … 90 % RH
0 … 60 °C 
Limit of error
(breezing conditions)

Wet Bulb Globe Temperature, 15 … 35 °C
Temperature (15 … 40 °C)
Relative humidity (20 … 80 % RH)
Globe temperature (15 … 50 °C)

± 2 °C
± 1 °C
± 5 %
± 2 °C
Power supply

AAA dry cells (2 pcs.)
Lifespan of batteries (continuous use)

approx. 70 hours

approx. 40 (W) x 240 (L) mm

Weight approx. 150 g  
Accessories Carrying case
AAA dry cell (1.5V)
Operating instructions
1 piece
2 pieces
1 copy
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