February 15, 2018

Special offers

Sample Changer

Take advantage of our special offer, automate your density and refractive index measurements:
We currently offer the CHD-502N Sample Changer for £7990 instead of £9464 (normal list price).

CHD-502N Sample Changer with 30 positions
CHD-502N Sample Changer

CHD-502N Sample Changer with 30 positions

This Sample Changer is suitable for our Density Meters DA-640, DA-654 and DA-650 as well as for our Refractometers RA-600 and RA-620.

The CHD-502N sample changer does not only save operators a great deal of work, it enhances at the same time safety in the working place and significantly increases the reproducibility and accuracy of measurement especially when non homogeneous, highly viscous, volatile or toxic samples must be measured.

  • Automatic measurement of up to 30 samples in 20 mL vials.
  • Powerful cleaning and drying of the measuring cell and the tubing after each measurement.
  • Sampling by overpressure. Advantages:
    • High availability, low maintenance as the sampling pump is contacted by dry air only.
    • Handles even highly viscous samples with a viscosity of up to 30'000 mPa·s.
    • Automatic sample recovery.
  • Emergency sample function. A running series can easily be interrupted to measure an urgent sample.