03 November 2014

Special offers - benefit from the low value of the Japanese Yen

GPS Instrumentation Ltd is the exclusive distributor of density meters, refractometers, titration equipment and other measuring instruments for Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing (KEM) in the UK and Ireland.

As you will most probably have noted in the media, the value of the Japanese Yen recently dropped sharply with respect to the British Pound.
This enables us to offer the whole range of analytical instruments from our Japanese supplier KEM at very special prices.

In order to benefit from this unique opportunity, please click on the desired type of instrument in the list below. Once you have found an instrument you are interested in, please use the INFO BUTTON to ask us for an offer without any obligation.


As a result of the current strong demand, some models could temporarily be sold out. We will therefore handle the incoming inquiries on a 'first comes first served' basis.

Density Meters

Digital Density Meter

KEM is manufacturing oscillating u-tube density meters since 1970.  Nowadays, KEM offers a wide range of of digital density meters to determine density, specific gravity, Brix, HFCS, alcohol concentration, API gravity, sulphuric acid concentrations, etc. and is the only JCSS (Japan Calibration Service System) accredited supplier of liquid density standards.

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Potentiometric Titrators

Potentiometric Titrator

With their automatic titrators KEM covers a wide range of different applications such as total acidity, chloride, TAN and TBN, water hardness. Their new AT-700 titration system sets new standards in terms of operator convenience: Clickless operation - just place the beaker and the system knows what it is supposed to do.  No method to select, no sample file to enter!

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Karl Fischer Titrators

Karl Fischer Titrator

World leading, patented technology for potentiometric and coulometric moisture determinations: KEM manufactures a wide range of Karl Fischer titrators for every need and budget, ranging from compact low cost titrators to modular, touch screen controlled high end systems capable of performing two titrations in parallel.
Recently, KEM launched the MKH-700 Hybrid Karl Fischer titrator, the first and only single instrument able to measure water content from 0.1ppm – 100% available in the market.

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Digital Refractometer

KEM is a leading centre of innovation when it comes to digital refractometers: It was the first company which offered digital refractometers with built-in solid state thermostates. With their RA-600 and 620 refractometers they recently set a new benchmark in digital refractometry as these instruments visualize the Abbe image on the display - an imperative feature to ensure correct results when measuring turbid samples.

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